About Perfectionism Prints

Perfectionism Prints was borne out of a pandemic, a layoff, and . . . a Facebook group.  Owner Amanda was laid off from her day job in March 2020, five days after giving birth.  When she kept coming up against closed doors in her job search, she turned to something that had always helped her to feel more secure in unsecure times: planning. 

Amanda became drawn to a minimalist planning aesthetic and found it inspired clarity of mind and goals.  In this season of her life, she needed a planner that fit better in a board room than a kindergarten classroom.  At the same time, she revisited a productivity system she had tried using digital means in the past: Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen.  But this time, she wanted to go analog.

Amanda appreciated how GTD centered on getting ideas out of the mind and onto paper.  As a chronic over-thinker, she knew that her brain only had so much capacity to hold onto important thoughts before those thoughts were displaced by analysis of some embarrassing event from last week.  Yet, she was disappointed to find a paucity of materials with which to carry out her analog GTD system.

So, fueled by a combination of determination, curiosity, and boredom, she began designing her own GTD planner inserts in the minimalist style she loved.  To do this, she taught herself the basics of Adobe InDesign and logged a ridiculous amount of hours designing and redesigning.  (This perfectionism thing isn't a joke, y'all.) 

When she was finally satisfied, she posted the resulting four inserts (Next, Someday, Short Projects, and Waiting On) to The Minimal Planners group on Facebook, and received such positive feedback and support that she decided to sell them on Etsy.  To her delight and, frankly, amazement, the inserts were a big hit.  She began to expand her offerings and her Etsy shop grew and grew. 

In March 2021, she decided to take Perfectionism Prints to the next level and launched a dedicated website intended to give her customers a more pleasant and easy-to-navigate shopping experience.  And where will she go from there?  Well, she has a lot of ideas and doesn't really sleep much.  So, in other words, stay tuned.